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The Flotilla & International Law


In May-June, 2010, we witnessed an appalling outburst of accusations aimed at Israel, in the wake of the "freedom flotilla" farce.

MS Mavi Marmara (Reuters)

Rarely did the whole world display such unanimity in finding Israel "guilty before proven guilty."  The United Nations and its agencies, the European Union, most of the media and, it goes without saying, the whole Arab/Muslim world found Israel in breach of international law following the boarding of a Turkish vessel, the MS Mavi Marmara.


Fortunately, a few world leaders showed courage and conviction and recognized the "freedom flotilla" for the farce it was behind its "humanitarian" facade.   Premysl Sobotka, the Czech Senate President, characterized the flotilla as a "planned provocation designed to entrap Israel" and he acknowledged that "many in the European Commission feel as I do but they are afraid to speak out."


Most shocking was the knee-jerk reaction of world leaders and high ranking officials in their quasi unanimous agreement that Israel was in breach of international law!  The following slide-show presentation shows a sample of this pathetic array of government officials and media pundits.  Their statements betray their ignorance of the international law governing blockades and vessels at sea, and stress the importance of reminding the world of the Legal Rights of Israel under International Law.  This aspect of international law is certainly equally misunderstood, if not wilfully ignored.


Please click to view a Power Point slideshow on Israel and International Law