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The Jewish People's Rights to the Land of Israel

At the moment, this book is only available in Amazone-Kindle edition.  A print edition will be issued in due time.
You can also view the Amazon webpage in French, Spanish, German and Italian.
The advantages of the Kindle edition (over the traditional print edition) are manifold:
1. It allows you to immediately consult online all the documents and authoritative sources we included in the Notes & References (about 170 links).
2. It allows you to use the linked bookmarks in the text to quickly switch  from one section to the other.
3. It allows you to highlight any text and attach your personal comments, which you may share with other Kindle users.
4. It enables an immediate search of any word or phrase mentioned in the text.
5. It provides you with the capability to consult the embedded Oxford Dictionary by double-clicking on any word.
6. It includes a Dynamic Table of Contents for an easier navigation.  This "NCX" file will appear on the left pane of your Kindle window when you click on the icon "Contents", located in the upper-left corner (scroll down to the NOTE below).
The book is structured to provide the reader with a gradual level of detail, as shown in the table below:  (Note: only Kindle-Fire, and all Kindle applications for PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone will display the book in full color).
NOTE: How to open the "Dynamic Table of Contents"
a) Open your Kindle window and double click on "The Jewish People's Rights to the Land of Israel."  The first time you open the book, it opens at the "Preface".  Then, it always open at the page you last read.
b) When you click on the upper-left icon, the "Dynamic Table of Contents"  appears:
 The "Dynamic Table of Contents"  takes a small portion of your screen but it allows you:
     - to know at all times where you are in relation to the 35 sections of the book,
     - to quickly jump from one section to the other by clicking on the corresponding title.

Should you have any question,
please do not hesitate to contact