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January 12, 2012:  Following the publication by CILR of The Jewish People's Rights to the Land of Israel, Paul Lungen, Staff Reporter of the Canadian Jewish News interviewed Salomon Benzimra and Goldi Steiner.  Lungen's report stresses the importance of the issues raised in the book given the present political context, and the objectives pursued by CILR, mainly in the area of education:


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September 14, 2010: CILR's Goldi Steiner and Salomon Benzimra attended the inauguration of Friends of Israel Initiative at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington D.C.  This recently formed organization is chaired by Jose Maria Aznar, former Spanish Prime Minister.  Among the attendees at the Wshington event, were John Bolton, co-Founder of FOII and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and Tomas Sandell, Director of the European Coalition for Israel.





August 31, 2010: In a presentation organized by the Jewish Defense League, CILR’s Salomon Benzimra discussed the overt campaign aimed at delegitimizing Israel by distorting international law, while the Legal Rights of Israel under international law are ignored if not entirely forgotten.

Read a summary of the main issues addressed (courtesy of "BlogWrath")




July 6, 2010:  CILR’s Salomon Benzimra appeared in MenschLifeTV, – a Jewish TV/talk-show – in an interview by host David Grossman and co-host Doris Epstein, together with Bible teacher Channa Sargon.


The topic: Jewish connection to the land of Israel from a legal, religious and spiritual point of view.


Click on the video clip below for the 45 minute interview.


CILR on MenschLifeTV: July 6, 2010











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