The literature dealing with the Legal Rights of Israel is extensive.  Many articles and documents are posted online.  This page will be updated periodically as new information is made available.



A. Israel's Legal Rights and International Law


1. Attorney Howard Grief – author of a comprehensive treatise on The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law has been one of the pioneers in this field.  In 2004 he posted an excellent summary online on the Legal Rights and Title of Sovereignty to the Land of Israel and Palestine under International Law.


2. Salomon Benzimra: "Is it Time Israel Asserts its Legal Rights?", June 2012.  If someone in your neighbourhood claimed that your house is built on stolen land, wouldn't you show the legal title to your property?  Why doesn't the Government of Israel act likewise?

This article stresses the urgency for Israel to raise the fundamental questions of sovereignty and title to the land and to dispel the false notion of "occupation" which has been corrupting the political and academic discourse for too long.  We are pleased to see that the Levy Report, issued on July 4, 2012, concurs with our own views on this issue. 


3. Salomon Benzimra – After 16 years, UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 equationg Zionism to Racism was revoked in 1991.  However, UNGA Resolution 3236, passed in 1974, is an even greater canard and is still standing.  Read how Resolution 3236 was introduced, and its effects on the current political situation (June 2012).


5. For an historical and political perspective, we recommend an article written in 1993 by Douglas J. Feith, an attorney in the Washington, DC, law firm of Feith & Zell, who served during the Reagan administration as deputy assistant secretary of defense and a Middle East specialist on the White House National Security Council staff.



B. Israel and the "Peace Process"


1. The cleverly built Palestinian construct, designed to mask its virulent anti-Israel foundation, is crumbling in front of our eyes.  But will the West notice, or will it still keep its head buried in the sands of the "peace process"?  Please, read The Unravelling of the Palestinian Propaganda, by Salomon Benzimra (December 2012).


2. Salomon Benzimra – "The Beinart-Suissa Debate" was supposed to highlight the differences in opinion between Israel-basher Peter Beinart and the more pro-Israel David Suissa.  Unfortunately, the key questions were hardly raised.  This article points to several distortions of fact, glaring omissions and misconceptions, which are common in such media events (May 2012). 


3. The “Peace Process” started in 1991 at the Madrid Conference.  It produced the Oslo Accords, the Roadmap, the Geneva Initiative, the Saudi Plan and a myriad other agreements in the past nineteen years.  It has proven long on process and short on peace.  Many foundational principles of the “peace process” are in a collision course with the legal rights of Israel.  In July, 2010, CILR’s Salomon Benzimra penned an article published by the Toronto Zionist Council, where he explained the potential dangers of a newly created Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria.


4. Anti-Semitism is spreading throughout the world. Recently, it has taken the form of "anti-Zionism."  Salomon Benzimra presented a paper to the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (CPCCA) in August 2009, titled  "The New Anti-Semitism and its Political Roots."


   C. The San Remo Conference and its 90th Anniversary


1. Original Notes of Meetings (12 pages) held on April 24 and 25, 1920, at the Villa Devachan in San Remo, between the representatives of Great Britain, France, Italy and Japan.  The final San Remo Resolution, agreed by all parties, is shown on pages 11-12. ( view  or  download )


2. Report by the Jewish Chronicle, dated May 14, 1920, relating the warm welcome that the main architects of the San Remo Conference received upon their arrival in London:  Read the comments made by David Lloyd George, British PM, and the speeches delivered by Chaim Weizmann and other Zionist leaders, as well as the report on the public celebrations held in New York, London (UK), Toronto and Ottawa, where tens of thousands of people marched on the streets. ( view  or  download )



3. Prior to the commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the San Remo Conference, CILR posted an article titled Israel's Right to Exist as a Jewish Homeland, by Salomon Benzimra.


4. The two-day commemoration event in Sanremo, Italy, was covered extensively by a team from CBN News, headed by Chris Mitchell, Middle East Bureau Chief, who wrote an insightful report, including video coverage of many aspects of the legal rights of Israel.



D. Documents and Archives


Other reference websites containing a wealth of information on the issue of Legal Rights and other relevant topics are listed below:


Myths and Facts, by Eli Hertz,


The Jewish Virtual Library, by Dr. Mitchell G. Bard.